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Get In Depth Analysis From Industry Experts.
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Its difficult to know exactly what to do to meet cost targets. Its harder still to know if what you have planned is going to be enough and if it will have a negative impact on your ability to deliver excellent healthcare.

The program costs vary depending on hospital size, but are much smaller than the savings they outline. Existing Winscribe customers are able to go through the program free of charge.


No Obligation, Expert Advice, Specifically Designed To Find CIP Target Savings

There are so many opportunities for healthcare providers to save on cost. We take a proven, scientific approach to finding these savings to show you exactly what you need to do to make them without affecting your ability to deliver excellent healthcare.

What's Happening Now

You'll receive comprehensive reports about the current situation

  • Document Throughput Times
  • Patient Waiting Periods
  • Total Costs Of Documentation

Where You Can Improve

Raw data is not enough, together we
analyse where the biggest improvements
can be made with the smallest costs.


We provide recommendations
for how to

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Turnaround Times
  • Create Better Patient Experiences

Where Can You Reduce Costs Now?

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Get A Clear View Of Your Current Processes

Without fully understanding the current processes your organisation has in place for outpatients it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make improvements to increase efficiency.

We do an in depth analysis of your processes, using industry metrics to break down patient interactions from first visit to discharge.

These metrics are then used to create benchmarks internally and ultimately externally to give you a full picture of the current process being used.

Our Reports Aim To Show

  • A complete breakdown of turnaround times for outpatient documents for each step in the process.
  • An analysis of how much time is spent on documentation broken down by department and job description.
  • Careful estimations of the current cost of documentation along with a report on where that cost is allocated.

Data Made Meaningful - Fully Understand What's Happening

Seeing what is happening in your outpatient processes is one thing, understanding it is another.

When we analyse what's happening in your current system, we don't just provide raw data. We compare your departments to each other and to industry benchmarks.

We make the data meaningful so that you can see the true performance of all key areas in your organisation.

Expert Recommendations From Experienced Professionals

After we have gathered all the necessary information, a team of experts provides a series of recommendations for ways to reduce cost, improve turnaround times and create better patient experiences.

At the end of the process you can choose to work with us to implement the recommendations, or take another direction to complete what is needed for your organisation to improve.

Take The Next Step In Cost Savings

To get started, all our friendly team needs is a few details to help us understand how we can help.

All your details are safe and we will never share them without permission.

*limited places availiable


Our Process Is Affordable For All Sites & Free For Winscribe Customers

Healthcare Providers in Britain are some of the most efficient in the world. But there is a growing need in the healthcare sector to push these efficiencies even further.

That's why we are offering this Outpatient Process Redesign. The benefits of technology for healthcare organisations are obvious to us, but more needs to be done to share that knowledge with UK healthcare providers.

Dozens Of NHS Trusts Already Use Winscribe

Since 1995, we've championed technology as a way of improving healthcare processes. Our software solutions are in use across the world and in the UK. There are sites already seeing the benefits of working alongside Winscribe

Assisting Leading UK
Healthcare Providers

  • Providing support to complex workflow processes in Radiology, Pathology, Teaching Hospitals & more.
  • Over 100+ sites use Wsincribe so their staff can focus more on what is important.

Mulgrave Hospital Redesigns Its Outpatient Processes With Help From Winscribe

Misgovern Park Hospital is a perfect example of how transformative the approach can be. We hope to add your organisation to the growing list of healthcare providers using Winscribe products and services to transform their processes and improve their service.